Mobile Power Station



Your charging companion for all your needs! Whether you are powering a camera on a campsite, a power tool on a rooftop, an office in an RV, a water filter pump in the developing world, or preparing for the apocalypse, RIVER puts an industrial amount of power in your hand so you can power a free life!


  • Weight: 11lbs (5.0kg) 
  • Dimensions: 9.8 x 6.3 x 8.2 in (25 x 16 x 20.8 cm) 
  • Battery Type: Lithium-Ion Battery 
  • Capacity: 412Wh(114000mAh at 3.6V) 
  • Output Power: 500W (300AC, 200 DC) 
  • Output Port: 11 Independent Outputs -- AC (2), USB (4), Type-C USB (2), DC (2), Car Charger (1) Recharge: Wall Charger (AC), Car charger (12V), Solar Charger (not included) 
  • Ideal for: Laptop, Tablet, DSLR Camera, Light, Drone, Phone, Mini-Fridge

Charge times

6 hours 10-15 hours 9 hours
Black and White Power Stations


10+ Hours



4-8 Times



80+ Times



10+ Hours



100+ Hours



30+ Times



5-9 Times

Electric Guitar

Electric Guitar

20+ Hours


1. Can RIVER be carried onto a flight?

RIVER cannot be carried onto a plane, as the FAA limits batteries over 160Wh from riding on planes. RIVER can be easily transported or shipped via car, train, boat, bus, bicycle, etc.

2. Is RIVER’s battery replaceable?

RIVER is conservatively labeled to last 500 cycles (meaning it will recharge to 100% for 500 times). After the 500 cycles, you can continue to use RIVER, however its total recharge capacity will be slightly lower. After 1,000 cycles, RIVER’s battery will decrease to 80% charge capacity. This is standard across lithium ion battery products.

We have a EcoFlow Tech Service Center where we are offering the replacement of the battery, so you can easily replace the battery over its lifetime.

3. Can RIVER be chained together to double the output?

RIVER can be chained together, but the output will stay constant per unit at 500W (200W DC + 300W AC).

4. Is RIVER capable of jump starting a car?

No, the peak surge required to jump start a car is greater than the level of power that RIVER is capable of supplying. However, RIVER can power most consumer electronic devices such as your laptop, tablet, iPhone, GoPro, speakers, power tools, lights or electric guitar. EcoFlow Tech has a strong product pipeline so keep your eyes peeled as we expand into new products with greater capacities.

5. Does RIVER have a built in charge controller?

Yes, RIVER has a built-in charge controller that allows a DC input range of 10V-22V.

Additional Specs


  • Weight

    11lbs (5.0kg)

  • Dimensions

    9.8 x 6.3 x 8.2 in (25 x 16 x 20.8 cm)

  • Operating Temperature

    Charge: 32 ~ 113℉ (0~45°C)
    Discharge: -4 ~ 140℉ (-20~60°C)

  • Optimal Storage Temperature

    32 ~ 95℉ (0~35°C)

  • Chainable


  • Tested and Certified

    CE, FCC, RoHS, UN38.3


  • Input Port (for solar, wall, or car charging)

    10-22V, up to 110W


  • AC Outlet (x2)

    110V AC, 60Hz, pure sine wave 300W continuous, 600W peak

  • 12V Car Port

    12V, up to 8A (96W)

  • 5.5 x 2.5mm DC 12V Port (x2)

    12V, up to 8A (96W)

  • Quick Charge USB Port (x2)

    5V/9V/12V, up to 2.4A

  • Quick Charge TYPE-C Port (x2)

    5V/9V/12V, up to 2.4A

  • USB Port (x2)

    5V, up to 2.4A


  • Battery Type

    Lithium Ion

  • Battery Capacity

    412Wh(114000mAh at 3.6V)

  • Life Span

    500 Cycles (depleted to 70% of original capacity)

  • Shelf Life

    One (1) year after full charge

In the box

River mobile power station

Mobile power station

Wall Charger

Wall Charger

Car charger

Car Charger

Type-C Cable

Type-C Cable

DC Cable

DC Cable

DC Tips

DC Tips